With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the rapid growth of professional investment demand and financial product innovation, the specialization and internationalization of China's capital market has become inevitable. Hong Kong Lanyee Information Technology Co., Ltd., under the age background, dedicate to providing professional investment tools for investment institutions and investors in China and contribute to the specialization and internationalization of China's capital investment.

HK Lanyee is always devoted to optimizing and perfecting the customer's transaction and service experience, so as to be the best trading platform. To achieve this goal, the company continuously strengthens research and development investment, attracts talents from the industry, explores the leading technology and products, and always keep our products in the leading level of the industry. Apart from providing customers with high-quality transaction software and efficient service support, we still keep improving eFottune trading system, enabling them to adapt to all kinds of actual transaction needs of investors.

Looking forward to the future, HK Lanyee will fully grasp the trend of global capital market development, with professional technology, innovative products, rich industry experience and customer-oriented service attitude to escort your transactions and made your transaction easier.




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